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Chakra necklaces, choose your favorite felt necklace

Chakra necklaces, choose your favorite felt necklace

Choose your favorite chakra necklace, enjoy my Pomponcina, the first healing necklace with a squeezable pom pom! These felt necklaces are made with the needle felt technique from organic wool. Pomponcina is a perfect gift for modern and colorful women, try the pom pom and squeeze it strongly! A lovely idea for a little present for stressed and tired women. You’ll notice how it has a relaxing effect on you. The soft wool will calm you and it will help you to handle the stress during the day.

Choose your favorite color, for your personal healing! Choose your color based on the chakras that you want to heal!

What are you buying:
One POMPONCINA necklace, made from softly and organic Swiss wool.

>>> Please choose your favorite color at the check out, and tell me if your like lavender essence! Thanks.

Practitioners of ayurvedic medicine believe the body has seven "chakras", which some claim are 'spiritual centers', and which are held to be located along the spine. The purported colors and their associations are described as (

Choose your own color at the checkout:

Red > First > Base of the spine > Grounding and Survival
Orange > Second > Lower abdomen, genitals > Emotions, sexuality
Yellow > Third > Solar plexus > Power, ego
Green > Fourth > Heart > Love, sense of responsibility
Blue > Fifth > Throat > Physical and spiritual communication
Indigo > Sixth > Just above the center of the brow, middle of forehead > Forgiveness, compassion, understanding
Violet > Seventh > Crown of the head > Connection with universal energies, transmission of ideas and information

The necklace is large enough to go over the head. Ready to ship and shipped with priority post and tracking number by SwissPost.

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25 EUR