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ELSA NECKLACE cute gift for girls - Frozen birthday outfit

ELSA NECKLACE cute gift for girls - Frozen birthday outfit

Elsa birthday party gift! Lovely necklace for Girls inspired by Frozen. Elsa Necklace is designed by me and she's so original! A very special gift for funny Girls! With organic rose essence! This lovely organic pompom Necklace is made with the needle felted technique from organic carded wool.

>>> You can match this adorable Elsa Necklace with her sister Anna!

Try the pom-pom and squeeze it strongly! You’ll notice how it has a relaxing effect on you. The soft wool will calm you and it will help you to handle the stress during the day. I wear my Pomponcina Necklace every day and the elasticity of the woolen material has a magnificent power on me.

Made to order! My *Pomponcina Elsa Necklace* is made from organic swiss wool, with organic ROSE essence.
Squeezable and relaxing! My daughters adore her!

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