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Colorful necklace with pom pom

Colorful necklace with pom pom

Lovely necklace for girls - yellow pom pom necklace, a very special gift! Disegned by me, she's so unique! Her name is *Pomponcina Ballerina*! With a lovely pink tutu' dress, so special and original! With lavender essence!

This lovely wool necklace is made with the needle felted technique, a perfect gift for modern women, try the pom-pom and squeeze it strongly!

Ready to ship! My *Pomponcina Ballerina* necklace are made from organic swiss wool, with Llavender essence and one beautiful bead! Squeezable and relaxing!

Each piece of *Claudia Nanni Fine Art Accessories* is unique and crafted especially just for you upon your order, so please allow 3-5 business day for your order to be dispatch. For your custom order please e-mail me at: o message me here, TicTail.

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