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Maroon red felt women accessory for aromatherapy

Maroon red felt women accessory for aromatherapy

Felt necklace with pom pom. The magical power of wool and the essence of lavender will calm your nerves. Choose this lovely necklace for your personal healing! Try the pom pom and squeeze it strongly! This necklace is a perfect present for stressed and tired women. You’ll notice how it has a relaxing effect on you. The soft wool will calm you and it will help you to handle the stress during the day.

I wear my own Pomponcina every day and the elasticity of the woolen material has a magnificent power on me. It’s called Pomponcina, I’ve chosen the name together with my daughters who adore this necklace.

What are you buying?
the necklace you are evaluating is maroon red colored with a needle felted spiral in a light blue wool. This unique Pomponcina necklace is made from softly and organic Swiss wool, needle felted by hand. Let me know (at the check out) if you prefer add lavender essence or not, thanks!

The necklace is large enough to go over the head. Shipped with priority post and tracking number by SwissPost. Ready to ship!

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25 EUR