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Pomponcina Necklace - gift for stressed women

Pomponcina Necklace - gift for stressed women

I love this necklace! My favorite personal care accessory! A lovely pom pom necklace made with the needle felted technique, this wool necklace is a perfect gift for modern women, try the pom pom and squeeze it strongly! This necklace is a perfect present for stressed and tired women. You’ll notice how it has a relaxing effect on you. The soft wool will calm you and it will help you to handle the stress during the day.

Choose your favorie pom pom color, for your personal healing! Choose your color based on the chakras that you want to heal!

Choose your own color at the checkout:

Red > First > Base of the spine > Grounding and Survival
Orange > Second > Lower abdomen, genitals > Emotions, sexuality
Yellow > Third > Solar plexus > Power, ego
Green > Fourth > Heart > Love, sense of responsibility
Blue > Fifth > Throat > Physical and spiritual communication
Indigo > Sixth > Just above the center of the brow, middle of forehead > Forgiveness, compassion, understanding
Violet > Seventh > Crown of the head > Connection with universal energies, transmission of ideas and information

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