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Wall hanging - Spring/Summer decor - wool painting - Tuscan cypress wool art - needle felted painting - Waldorf home decor - gift for women

I really love my Tuscany! The cypress tree are the symbol of Tuscan landscape, I love it! This is a wall decor item, my new needle felted wool painting is made with natural wool fiber. As you can see the painting has many shades of colors, it's made with care and is really nice! A very special gift for Tuscany lovers! This lovely wool artwork could be a wonderful decoration for your home! I hope you like it!

This original wool painting is created by me, Claudia Nanni.


Paint with the Needle Felting is just the coolest thing! First of all the medium is wool! My lovely wool... the luster, the smell, the feel... it really is wondrous material! But the greatest thing of all is the moment that lustrous pile of fluff transforms into a artwork full of charm!

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer! Custom orders, also, are welcome!
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Ready to ship! OOAK needle felted artwork made with organic Swiss wool.

This picture is about 15x20 cm

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